Pr. Bugingo reveals shocking secrets of Pr. Kayanja and Teddy!.

Pr. Bugingo has yet again publicly attacked Pr. Kayanja of Miracle center cathedral for being the mastermind behind the court charges which were placed on him by his former wife Teddy Bugingo.

While at the house of prayers ministry, Pr. Bugingo said that he wonder how his longtime enemy Kayanja managed to connect with his ex- wife teddy Bugingo.

” I saw pastor Robert Kayanja with Teddy at Miracle center even today, Jesca Kayanja a wife to Pastor Kayanja are making secret plans together they even gave Teddy and my children lawyers together with start a church for them” Pastor Bugingo said.

He also added that Kayanja has never called, write or sending him someone but what he only insist on, is to make sure that Teddy and Bugingo reunite.

“They frame me as someone who failed to take care of his family yet I even have those whom i cater for everything yet they are not my children” Bujingo added.

He continued to say that they have never been family friends with Pr. Kayanja even when he was still with Teddy.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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