President Museveni is a great leader, Seruga Titus

Seeing Mubiru out in good health like this after months in detention for inciting violence is a sign General Museveni is a true leader of the people.

There is excitement at NUP as if did they anything to help Mubiru James who is a councillor on NUP ticket. Party lawyers abandoned the guy.

I challenge NUP lawyers to come out and tell Ugandans how they filed his application for bail. Mubiru himself knelt and sort forgiveness from the head of state. The man had been forgotten by his party members who all jumped on to the Lumbuye hype.

Mubiru on realizing NUP wasn’t helping he sort the help of NRM and offered to work with the NRM. Mubiru had the smoothest bail application in the history of the court-martial.

To the surprise of many, NUP blood hunters appeared at court promises with their lawyers to argue a bail application they don’t know its origin on the final day.

Mubiru do you now know the game? The ball is in your hands misbehave and you will payback.

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Mugenyi Frank
Mugenyi Frank
Uganda award winning blogger in UAE, he is passionate about journalism

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