Relief and Cheers as Jack MA Returns in Public

After months away from public view — which fuelled speculation — Chinese billionaire Jack Ma resurfaced on Wednesday, and was seen addressing rural educators at an event that was streamed live.

Jack Ma
Jack Ma

Ma was not seen in public after he delivered a speech at a conference in Shanghai in October 2020, in which he took a jab at Chinese authorities. The absence was first noticed earlier this month, after the outspoken billionaire failed to appear in the final episode of Africa’s Business Heroes, a TV show in which he was to be a judge. The Alibaba Group, which Ma co-founded more than two decades ago, cited a scheduling conflict as reason for his absence.

Cheer at his return

Alibaba’s Hong Kong-listed shares jumping over 6% on Wednesday, Reuters reported. The Alibaba Group plans to raise at least $5 billion through sale of US dollar-denominated bonds this month.

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