Sad News in Uganda and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after this is confirmed

Since the outbreak of the corona virus disease in Uganda, many people have been losing their lives. That has been affecting negativity President Yoweri Museveni because losing prominent people like leaders, businessmen and others derail the growth of the economy. For that reason, the economy of the country has been declining and things seem to be getting worse.

That is because again today, Ugandans woke up to a sad morning after death striking again this time taking away a prominent businessman who was very important to the economy of the nation. According to reports, Dr. Hajji Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige succumbed early today. The deceased who was famously known as BMK was the proprietor of Hotel Africana.

“JUST IN: Businessman Dr. Hajji Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, commonly known as BMK and the proprietor of Hotel Africana, has passed on. ” Reported NBS Television through their official twitter account.

That is a sad story to the family of the deceased, to President Yoweri Museveni for losing yet another asset in the country and to the nation at large. May he rest in peace.

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Mugenyi Frank
Mugenyi Frank
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