See here the 8 things which makes Bobi Wine special

Bobi Wine is one of the people who will forever be remembered in Uganda’s history whether you like it or not. He has done a lot of things which makes people around him or even his rivals to wonder how he made them at a young age.

Bebe Cool is one of the people who always scratch their heads asking themselves how Bobi Wine made it to the level he is on as of today. Our team at Fremer media has collected some of the information about the things which Bobi Wine has done at a young age which could even be done by adults.

  1. He bought his first pair of show at 10 years.

This is one of the stories which everyone will tell you about Bobi Wine. In 1992 while still in Gomba, Bobi collected money from the cotton during the harvesting period and he bought a goat from the money and after some few months he gave the goat to his father J W Ssentamu to go and sell it as he was going to the city and he told him that on return he buys a new pair of shoes for him which the father did but when he put on the shoe and went to the school by then he was in primary five, and while in class he answered a question of another class (P6) as the teacher had asked the students a question. When he answered it, the teacher called him and he was beaten for wanting showbiz as he had bought a new shoe and later, he was forced not to put on the shoes again while at school.

  1. He owned one love beach at 23 years.

It’s unbelievable but true Bobi at 20 years he was very poor and renting but in the year 2003 Bobi Wine bought his One Love Beach which is currently worthy billions and its where for the past years before his music was abolished, he has been using this place to hold his music concerts from.

Bobi Wine
Barbie Kyagulanyi a wife to Bobi Wine doing decorations at One love beach
  1. He bought his escalate car at 25 years

The life of driving luxury cars has not started with driving his latest bullet-proofed car, Bobi Wine bought his escalate car while still at 25 years which surprised his musical competitor Bebe Cool. Buying this expensive car worth millions, he was challenging Jose Chameleon who had also bought for himself and expensive ride.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine while sitting on his escalate
  1. Bobi built his mansion in Magere at 26 years.

He didn’t end on buying luxury cars, Bobi built an expensive house in Magere currently worthy billions and it is sitting on over 6 acres of land.

bobi house
Bobi Wine’s home in Magere
  1. He gave out his car in 2005 to Owino traders

After the traders in Owino market were hinted by the fire which destroyed things worthy millions, Bobi gave out his car to them so that they can get some money from it and they start their life again.

  1. He helped police to stop the riots

In 2016 when the police officer shot Master Blaster dead, the riots started in the city and the police was overpowered by the people and hence calling Bobi Wine who also didn’t disappointed them, he came and calmed down the ghetto people which helped to restore peace.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wile calming down the rioters in Bwaise
  1. He won the Kyadondo East MP seat.

The Kyadondo MP race in 2017 surprised many as Bobi Wine came in as new competitor winning the FDC’s Apollo Kantinti, and the NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu which opened for him the gates to the political field of Uganda

Bobi kyadondo
Bobi while at final rally in Kyadondo
  1. He made over 60 MPS in his first term as the party president

This was another miracle made by Bobi, he mobilized for over 60 members of Parliament for NUP within not a year but in just six months.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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