See how Bebe Cool Celebrated Bobi Wine’s Father death

While Bobi Wine accompanied by hundreds of other Ugandan celebrities, was grieving and paying his last respects to his dad, Mzee Willington Jackson Ssentamu (R.I.P), 80, Bebe Cool was partying with his fans in what they dubbed “Gagamel victory party” — after wining the HMA for Best Fan Group.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool
Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool

In January 2010 Bebe Cool was shot twice by a policeman at the prestigious Nakumatt shopping mall that operates 24 hours a day. Bebe Cool was rushed in a critical condition to Nsambya Hospital around the American Embassy.

Among the people that visited Bebe Cool in hospital on his sick bed was Bobi Wine. The latter visited Cool after learning about the incident with heartfelt reactions towards the act by the police named “Oluka”.

The self aclaimed Ghetto President is said to have actually encouraged people to go and visit his rival Bebe Cool in the hospital.

Ironically, when Bebe Cool was asked what he thought about Bobi’s visit, the Gagamel Boss reportedly said it was just a stunt move and that Bobi Wine didn’t have any well wishes for him but just wanted to appear in the news.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have a history of one of the most violent celebrity beefs in Ugandan music — but we all have for a long time thought it’s staged … and certainly didn’t imagine Bebe would shun going with other celebrities to bury Bobi’s father. Well, he did.

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Bobi Wine’s father died and was burried Feb. 12. Hundreds of celebrities went to pay their last respects to the singer’s dad but Bebe Cool skipped.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool
Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool

In his defence, Bebe Cool shared a one line devout message to the family of Sentamu:

RIP Mzee SENTAMU,Father to Eddy Yawe, Bobiwine,Chairman Nyanzi, n others…my condolences & prayers to the family..

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