See how Bobi Wine complains about over mistreatment by Museveni

Uganda’s chief opposition leader Robert Bobi wine has continued to condemn the thirty five year old regime of president Museveni over his mistreatment. The latest complains have emerged amid claims of a brutal crackdown on his loyalists by the state agencies. Some of his supporters still remain in custody several months after the disputed elections that was marred with violence. More than fifty four people, mainly his affiliate died and many injured in the confrontations before and after the election.

Bobi Wine

The onslaught on him appears not to end soon after the latest developments where his car has been put under custody. The amoured Toyota Land Cruiser car has been impounded by security agencies as they accused him of having not followed a due process of importation. It’s alleged that the car was cleared as a normal vehicle yet it wasn’t leading to high losses in the revenue.

According to the letter that was shared by Mr Robert Wine,the Uganda Revenue authority has revalued the car to compensate the loss. He has been asked to pay three hundred and thirty seven million Uganda shillings for the release of the car.

However, the musician turned politician read malice in the agency’s letter and concluded that it was part of the regime’s mistreatment. He revealed that agency initially claimed that the car required clearance from the ministry of defence. The argument was later withdrawn after they learnt that there was no law to support the claims. They are other two vehicles that belongs to him that have also been impounded as they refused to give him.

Reports from his National Unity Platform party indicated that more than its six hundred members and activists have been detained. They have been sentenced to courts after hurried hearings while others are unaccounted. The party accuses president Museveni’s government for abducting it’s loyalists using special cars that have been popularized as drones.

However, the Uganda’s Internal Affairs minister denied the abductions and insisted that only fifty eight people are in custody. He also refuted claims of abuses on civilians as Museveni defended the police while saying that they are very disciplined and can’t engage in such.

President Museveni of Uganda

The United States,USA and the United Kingdom governments have however come out to condemn the latest happenings. They urged president Museveni to honour the international human rights commission agreements. They have also given visa restrictions on various government officials believed to be behind violation of citizens rights. They also accuse them of having interfered in the election process.

According to one of the political scientist in the country Mr Michael, President Museveni could be acting brutally on his opponents for being insecure. He insinuated that he is facing a threat to his rule hence shifting to the crackdown of dissenting voices.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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