See how Ugandans have reacted ahead of China Diplomat Yang Jiechi and Museveni meeting

Uganda is still bleeding after the January elections that were said to have involved election malpractices. Bobi Wine has made several attempts to challenge Museveni’s victory but it has all been in vain. Recently, the Supreme Court turned against him. The chief justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has rejected Bobi Wine’s 127 affidavits. He also told him he can’t intimidate the court and arm twist a legal system.

However, through the Vision Group Newspapers both the Kampala Sunday and the Sunday Vision, issues have been reported that may not be pleasing to the Ugandans. First and foremost, Ochola has stopped police promotions over irregularities and more details of this are found in the Sunday Vision.

Yesterday Ugandans queued to receive their passports at the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the headquarters in Kampala. Due to the big numbers, most people could not observe social distancing that was aimed at controlling the spread of covid-19. Hackers have also now began targeting the Ugandan immigration office. 300 foreigners who are mostly Somalis and Syrians got visa illegally. The huge influx is now causing security alarm.

Diplomat Yang Jiechi has a meeting with president Yoweri Museveni today. The Ugandan parliament has also passed the long-awaited and controversial NSSF Bill of 2019 which allows midterm access to savings.

Many Ugandans reacted and some demanded that Museveni should free the Ugandan freedom fighters who are supporting Kyagulanyi. They said that they are not criminals and therefore they should not be denied any freedom or liberty. They also wished the United Human Rights and the International Criminal Court to address the issue. Museveni is using the military courts as a tool to punish opposition leaders and their supporters.

Many civilians who have been charged before these courts have found a better way by taking their cases to the civilian courts. They believe that Mr. Museveni has minimal control over them.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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