See what Bobi Wine told Chairman Nyanzi while at 14 years!.

Chairman Nyanzi a long time politician and a Former Kampala central member of the parliament aspirant and the elder brother to the Kyadondo East legislature Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has come out and said the words which were said by his young brother Bobi Wine while still at 14 years.

Like, sometimes parents undermine the words which their children say during their childhood days.

He narrated that one time while having a family discussion, they started to talk about the politics of the country and by then he was just 14 years of age.

“When we started discussing about Museveni and the way he was governing the country Kyagulanyi surprised us when he said that he will remove him from the office, of course we laughed at him” – Chairman Nyanzi said.

chairman nyanzi
Bobi Wine posing for a photo during his early life with his brothers

“We never take him serious because sometimes he used to say things which were beyond his age, he used to reason not like the children of his age” – Chairman Nyanzi added.

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While in an interview witha certain media house, Chairman Nyanzi said that he is not suprised to see his young brother doing whatever he is doing now and making the regime to panic.

“What i know about Kyagulanyi is that he is not the kind of a person whom you can intimidate over something he believes, he can do whatever it takes to get what he wants” he said.

Kyagulanyi is the leading opposition personality in Uganda, he challenged president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the recently concluded general elections and he is currently the president of the main opposition party in Uganda, the National Unity Platform.

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