Segirinya Muhammad buys ambulance for Kawempe.

Segirinya Muhammad the newly elected for Kawempe North constituency has made another step in changing the life of the people who voted for him in the recently concluded elections.

Even before stepping into parliament, Segirinya Muhammad has bought a new ambulance for his people with an intention of improving the lives of people who leave in Kawempe and Uganda at large.

“I was not just voted to be a member of parliament for Kawempe North, but also the whole of Uganda, I have to represent the common people and i am ready to help whoever in need” Segirinya said.

Segirinya also added that if he is even going to make more than what he has done if his “President” Bobi Wine goes into the parliament.

“If a comedian can do what the smart so called politicians can’t do, then I encourage every Ugandan to become a comedian” – He said.

Segirinya muhammad
Segirinya while pausing for a photo in his new acquired ambulance

Segirinya managed to become a member of parliament after the influence of the “Vote Umbrella” campaign as he came on NUP ticket ousting the incumbent Latif Ssebagala.

Segirinya said that he is on the mission to change the well being of Ugandans and he started it when he introduced the “Segibox” where the common people will be saving their from on a daily basis as he will be monitoring and also uses his monthly salary from the parliament to give it to the people so that they can develop.

Segirinya Muhammad
The ambulance bought by Segirinya

In the past years, Segirinya Muhammad has been playing a big role in helping poor people, the old and the sick by facilitating hospital bills for them, buying food for many poor people and also paying school fees for the orphan.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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