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Lawyer Shamim Malende, 34, is a People Power/NUP lawyer and the only woman on Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s legal team. She is Newly elected Woman MP Kampala district on the NUP ticket. She is a lawyer  and proprietor of Malende & Co. Advocates.

Shamim Malende

Born in 1986 to Hajj Jamal Ahmed Sebuta Malende of the Mamba clan and Jane Frances Nassuuna. She went to Busaale primary school where she sang in the church choir, before joining Buziga Islamic Theological Institute in 1998 for O-level, and Aisha Girls High School in Mbarara for A-level.

We bring you photos of single and no searching lawyer Shamim Malende below :

Shamim MalendeShamim MalendeShamim MalendeShamim Malende

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