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Shock as 450 Ugandans stand to be deported from Dubai

A large number of Ugandans looking for green pastures in the Middle East countries of Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia among others tend to be deported back to Uganda majority being females.

In the past 2 – 3 weeks there has been a report of stranded Ugandans sleeping on streets especially Dubai making authorities concerned and raising alarm for their immediate deportation.

Gender minister Betty Amongi remarked that the ministry took up the matter to ascertain the authenticity of the report though sources claim that some are just “pranks”.

Majority of these cases have been victims of human trafficking or individuals who traveled on their own and have overstayed their tourists visas  Amongi said.

She urged Ugandans to make use of recruitment companies since they can easily seek redress In case of any problem to them while at work in the UAE or anywhere abroad.

However reports indicate that in early August 2022, authorities in UAE offered free tickets to all illegal immigrants which some have responded positively by reporting to Al – Awir Immigration center for assessment and eventually repatriated back to Uganda.

Official data from the ministry of gender indicate that there are over 200000 Ugandans currently employed in the Middle East and of these Saudi Arabia taking the lions share with the UAE and Qatar following respectively.

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