Shocking As Cristiano Ronaldo angrily REMOVES Coca-Cola bottles in front of him

Portuguese star shuns Euro 2020 official sponsor… shouting ‘drink water’ instead

Cristiano Ronaldo moved the bottles of Coco-Cola away at his press conference

The brand is an official sponsor of Euros but Portuguese star made views clear

He shouted ‘drink water’ instead and looked shocked at the sight of Coke bottles

Portugal get their tournament defence underway on Tuesday against Hungary

Cristiano Ronaldo was in no mood to pander to the sponsors as he removed the bottles of Coca-Cola in front of him during a Euro 2020 press conference.

The brand is an official sponsor of the tournament and had the product on display, but the Portuguese star could not bring himself to even look at the bottles as he swiftly moved them away.

After getting rid of them quickly after sitting down, Ronaldo then shouted ‘drink water’ as he made his views very clear, before proclaiming ‘Coca-Cola’ with noticeable disdain.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved away the Coco-Cola bottles at the start of his press conference

As an official sponsor of Euro 2020 the drink was on display as Ronaldo entered the room

But his disdain was clear to see as he shouted ‘drink water’ having removed the Coke bottles

The 36-year-old is notoriously fastidious about his diet and fitness regime, so it’s no surprise that he seemed offended just at the sight of the drink.

Speaking last year, Ronaldo revealed his frustration that his young son doesn’t necessarily possess the same obsession with his fitness that he does.

‘We’ll see if my son will become a great footballer,’ Ronaldo said at the Global Soccer Awards ceremony.

‘Sometimes he drinks coke and eats crisps and it irritates me, he knows that.

‘Sometimes I tell my son to take a dip in cold water to recover after a run on the treadmill and he says, “Dad, it’s so cold there”.

The Portuguese captain is always notoriously obsessive about his diet and fitness regime

‘That’s fine, he is only 10 years old.’

Fans can expect Ronaldo to be in peak condition when Portugal get their Euro 2020 campaign underway on Tuesday against Hungary.

It is vital they get off to a strong start despite having to cope with the Budapest crowd, with matches to come against France and Germany in Group F.

The Portuguese captain will become the first player to appear in five European Championships should he lead his country out as expected, and Ronaldo spoke of what he sees as the key to achieving such longevity.

The 36-year-old will become the first ever player to appear in five European Championships

‘The most intelligent thing about a footballer is the ability to adjust,’ Ronaldo said. I am more mature now.

‘If a player wants to play for many years he needs to know how to adjust and adapt and the numbers speak for themselves. From 18 to 36 I have managed to adjust and adapt.

‘I have always been able to win and on a collective level part of a team that has been able to win. I have shown that the key is to adjust all along my career.’

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