Shocking As Kizza Besigye exposes Museveni dark Side

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been the best leader in Uganda and the rest of East Africa. Being loyal to Ugandans, the Ugandans citizens have been electing him for the last 36 years. The latest general election was in January where he garnered a win over his close competitor NUP presidential leader honorable Kyagulanyi.

Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine
Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine

Besigye Kizza has merged with a very sensitive message concerning the Museveni’s administration. Besigye has revealed that most of the high-ranked leaders who work in the Museveni’s administration have been Siphoning taxpayer’s money. The legislator has disclosed how leaders are looting and grabbing lands for their benefit

Kizza said”Uganda’s unmatched NRM, Junta looters, and land-grabbers have turned our country into a big joke!160-acre Naguru Satellite City launched 10yrs ago; Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom “CHOGM Hotel” took 14.5 acres Shimoni P/S & TTC; 60 Acres of Ug Railways land”

Kizza Besigye has called upon all Ugandans to preach peace and tame away corruption. Corruption has been the main problem in most African countries. Uganda being among the Africa country should fight against it to help their people.

Besigye added”Every Ugandan of goodwill has a DUTY to stop this. The people of Uganda must regain control of their country. This is very urgent. That’s why we need plan B”

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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