Shocking As Presidential candidate Promises to Legalize Marijuana

Aspiring Presidential candidate in Kenya has promised Kenyans to legalize Marijuana Farming under high security provided by police and the army to ensure no abuse. Mr John Njenga added on that Marijuana will be processed for medical products in Kenya and shall export them, make money, repay loans and fund our own development projects. ⚖

Presidential candidate Promises to Legalize Marijuana

Kenyans reactions to Mr John Tweet

Jimmy: 90 Kg gunny bag of Maize costs Roughly 3500Ksh on the higher side,Now same bag of Marijuana cost 1.5 Mil plus. We are all in the wrong farming business

Majesty : What’s wrong with using weed legally for recreational purposes, as it is with tobacco, alcohol, and magic mushrooms? Why does it need “high security”? Will people “abuse” it and OD? Why?

Mc levy: The question is are you becoming president?
Lumumba reminds you that those with wisdom will never ascend to position of leadership

Dominica : That’s what the uk government does, and still send people to prison for possession. The rich get rewarded and the common people get criminal record💭🤔

Matin: That’s literally turning Kenya into a Narco state . Sorry to say but we’re not ready for that with the type of corrupt officials in our government .

Magero: It will become a great business for the police. They will move away from roadblocks to give it “protection ‘. Many will aspire to join THE DEPARTMENT OF MARIJUANA PROTECTION.

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