Shocking: Ashburg Kato Arrested

According to Uganda Online news website THE INVESTIGATOR, Ashburg was yesterday nabbed in a dramatic fashion. We gave no one in the vicinity, let alone Ashburg, a chance to know what was going on.

Ashburg Katto
Ashburg Katto

Kato and over hundred people, mostly colleagues, were attending a function in tents outside the bloggers association headquarters in Bukoto. No one knew what business had taken us to the scene at that juncture.

The person most injured by the hackers, Stanley Ndawula, also CEO of the Investigator, was in tow. The operation started off with our undercover agents calling to inform us the man we wanted was one of the chief organizers of the function we have talked about above in Bukoto near Apex Hotel.

We left in two cars, following those of detectives. We parked one of the cars in front of one belonging to the wanted man, not leaving him a single chance to escape. In this particular tinted-glass car was a detective and two uniformed officers, but which no one apart from us knew of. The officers did not leave the car because we had agreed among ourselves not to announce their presence to the people who were not part of the operation.

After the function, the attendants started getting into their cars to leave. Ashburg also jumped into his army Green in colored BMW, ready to leave. Problem, our car had blocked his. His driver’s consistent hooting never made the occupants make a single move in response. We knew Kato would come out and charge at the ‘stubborn’ occupants to give him way. But we realized he had some respect for them, thinking they were part of the visitors. He stayed calm in the car.

Amidst the hooting, one of our own moved to the side of Ashburg’s car, tapped on the window and gestured to come out because someone required to talk to him. This did the trick as the wanted man marched out of his car. The blogger hopped into one of our cars where he thought he was going indeed to meet someone for a business chat.

He instead landed into the waiting hands of the undercover agents just in time when the detective jumped in and wasted no time to announce the motive. The clueless fella was out of the blue, under arrest. Realizing he was cornered, Ashburg tried to open the door but alas, baby locks had already been administered! Just like that, we started on the journey to expose the hackers.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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