Shocking: Betty Nambooze Writes to Rebecca Kadaga, Stand for Presidency

My elder sister Kadaga, Im surprised that up to now you dont know that Museveni can do anything under the sun for power?! You challenge him to call MP -elects under his cult and you think that is too hard for him? I advise you Rebecca Kadaga to use this opportunity to seal your legacy….

Betty Nambooze Bakireke and Rebecca Kadaga
Betty Nambooze Bakireke and Rebecca Kadaga

I think that standing down from Parliament is not a big loss to you. After being Speaker for a decade you cant be anything else in the August house…you cant be an ordinary member of the house,not even as a VP….just see how your Predecessor Ssekandi was humiliated…he couldn’t serve his constituency as MP while holding the empty VP chair,he performed so poorly in Parliament because after being Speaker for a decade he could fit in the house not even as a front beacher,voters detected it and voted him out…

Betty Nambooze Bakireke and Rebecca Kadaga

If you cant step down I advise you to go Museveni and promise him for sure to amend the constitution to make Uganda a Presidential Monachy, promise him to kill us next time we oppose the amendment of the constitution or allow him to appoint you VP and wait for your day to be like the man from Kyanamukaaka….OR be the Rebecca Kadaga gifted to Uganda as an inspiration for our girls, stand for justice, for the independency of the Parliament stand up and claim respect for separation of power for the three arms of Government ,stop seeking to please Museveni by reminding him of how you saved him from Togikwatako because this hurts and makes some of us who would have sympathised with you bleed with pain, yet M7 doesnt want to hear that him the visionary was rescued by you…

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He knows the amounts of money he spent and the night meetings he held with our naughty MPs like Hon. Waluswaka, how he withstood embarrassment to send the army to beat up MPs whom according to Hon. Nakabirwa you pampered…. be that candidate who can make reconsider his candidature,move as a fierce lioness of Busoga to win or lose with the people and retire honourably. Do you really.have to struggle that much to be Speaker,why dont you invest those energies in the Presidency?

Rebecca Kadaga

This came when the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga was accusing two Government officials of misusing the Statehouse switchboard to meddle in affairs of the Legislative Arm of the State to Decampaign her.

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