Shocking Details on what Killed John Pombe Magufuli

The President Of Republic Of Tanzania has been absent from the public for about two weeks.

The government had remained silent on his whereabouts as opposition and the citizens demanded to know the whereabout of their leader.

As a shock, the vice president of Tanzania has announced the death of president John Pombe Maghufuli. He has outlined that the leader has been battling a disease for many years and he has been in and out of the hospital.

President John Pombe Maghufuli of Tanzania has died of attack attack and he was receiving treatments in Dar Salam.

Speculations had earlier indicated that the president was receiving treatments in kenyan hospital.

John Pombe Magufuli

The country will go into a mourning period of 14 days According to Tanzania Vice president. The arrangements on burial will be communicated later on.

These are some of the photos of Tanzania President John Pombe Maghufuli before he met his death. May His Soul Rest In Peace.John Pombe Magufuli

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