Shocking : Queen Elizabeth II never visited Her Husband birthplace

Queen Elizabeth II is currently one of the oldest world leaders and the oldest monarch in the history of the world.

Having been in power for nearly 70 years the queen of England Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II according to reports has visited 116 countries in the 67 years she has been in power.

But you will be shocked to realize that among the countries the queen has visited during her reign, Greece is not among them. Incase you didn’t know, Greece happens to be her husband’s birthplace prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

So why has the queen never visited her husband’s birthplace for nearly 70 years yet she has all it takes to do that?

Queen Elizabeth

According to reports, it is said Prince Phillip hates his birthplace because of how his family was treated in the past. The only time the queen visited Greece was in 1950 when her husband’s cousin King Paul invited her and by then she was only but a princess and has never done that ever again since she became the queen of England.

This is one of the most interesting things and even the royal historians fail to understand how comes the queen has never seen the need of visiting her husband’s homeland.

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