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Sipapa Finally Arrested Over Alleged Robbery  

In a statement released by the Uganda police on Tuesday evening, Sipapa was arrested over alleged aggravated robbery that occurred at the home of a South Sudan national Jacob Arok in Bunga.

The socialite was arrested by the Directorate of crime Intelligence after being on a police wanted list.

Police spokesperson Fred Enaga revealed that the arrangements were in place to handover Sipapa to the CID task team in Kampala for further interview and  for court‘s action.

This finally brings the number of suspects to five after four including Sipapa’s wife Shamillah Nakiyimba who had earlier been arrested to aid in the investigation.

Facts gathered indicate that on a night of 28-29th August 2022,a group of thugs broke into the home of the victim after applying suspected chloroform on the occupants who were asleep.

A thorough search was conducted in the home of Sipapa in the presence of Nakiyimba Shamillah  and exhibits of evidential materials also stolen from the home of Arok Jacob were recovered.

Among other things recovered were 2 registration number plates UBG 025B,UBA023U.

In addition an assortment of car accessories were recovered including 2 amplifiers ,6 tool boxes, 4 sport rim, a rear car seat, 12 headlights, indicators, V8 bumpers, V8 rear boot doors, 2 cars a Jeep and Audi without registration plates which had been resprayed with a red color and found in the compound.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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