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Socialite Sipapa On The Run For Robbery Of Shs1. 6 Billion 

The criminal investigation directorate (CID)has launched a manhunt for socialite Charles Olim AKa Sipapa for allegedly robbing shs 1.64 billion from a South Sudan national Jacob Arok.

According to the CID detectives the said money was stolen during a robbery at Arok’s home in Bunga, Makindye division in the wee hours . The attackers who according to the CID detectives used chloroform vanished with Four iPhones, 2 apple laptops, a dell-laptop and gold jewelry.

According to Arok he didn’t even know how the robbers accessed his house but his valuables had been taken by the time he woke up.

A subsequent search by the criminal and cyber team digitally located the iPhone in Buwate village in Kira municipality.

During the subsequent Investigations, our detectives tracked down an iCloud signal from one of the stolen phones that led them to a location in Kityo close to Buwate in Kira division. When we interviewed the occupants they told us that the house belongs to Charles Sipapa”

As the police searched the home, Sipapa was in his home district in Tororo where he was seen distributing money afterwards and now the police have arrested four suspects including the wife Nakiyimba Shamirah.

According to police spokes person Fred Enaga, Nakiyimba had tried to hide$ 70,000 in one of the shoes . Most of the other valuables were found under her bed so a serous manhunt for Sipapa is urgently needed for questioning.

Previously Sipapa has been in spot lite on allegations of domestic violence, traffic offenses, murder and shooting live ammunition’s but somehow the cases against him tend to just fizzle out without any progress.

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