Solomon Kampala writes to Bobi Wine

Solomon Kampala writes to Bobiwine

#Dear_Dad. 24/1/2021

You took decision to participate in politics with aim to liberate our Nationals and Nation Uganda, You didn’t take it for wealth because every body knows you are a man well-off and even if it’s in such of wealth, your price is figure less infront of Museveni if so you decide to put towel on the bar.

Mr, Kyagulanyi, I as your elder son happily boarded plan together with littles to America but I came to Understand Home is Home, and secondly that in Uganda am coming back as a first son or an orphan and this is the true definition of your choice to enter Politics. I can’t discourage you , I just encourage you, it takes big to be a man, that’s your life , thats your will, amidst my too much love for you Papa am strong enough to say press hard. Praying for you my lovely Dad your name to change from wine to Victor.

Your elder son #Solomon_Kampala.bless

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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