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State minister for land, housing & urban development in hotspot

The state minister for lands, housing and urban development Ms. Persis Namuganza is expected to face off with the law makers for being accused of attacking the operations of the Ad hoc committee on Naguru Nakawa land deals.

Sources coming in indicate that the Ad hoc committee members were appointed by the House to investigate matters of public importance that don’t come under jurisdiction of any standing

According to the committee’s deputy chairperson Mr Charles Onen said the witnesses would provide more evidence on the matter adding that Ms Namuganza was invited to attend the prob.

Some of the key witnesses include Mr Solomon and Tororo woman Mp Ms Sarah Opendi

Earlier on July 19 Silwany accused the state minister of taking part to the press and social media to undermine the works of parliament.

They were later on backed by other legislators including Ms Sarah Opendi who is also the chairperson of Uganda women parliamentary Association.

Subsequently Mr Thomas Tayebwa the deputy speaker of parliament chaired the session and referred the matter to the rules committee for consideration before reporting back to the House with its finding which Ms Namuganza distanced herself from the allegations yesterday while appearing before the committee.

She honored the summons after failing to appear on Monday because of cabinet meeting

However the Ad hoc committee recommend seeking to hold the minister accountable for allegedly unlawfully manipulating the allocation of plots on the Nakawa Naguru land which Ms Namuganza is being accused guilty by directly giving away land using the Uganda Land Commission to different individuals and companies without following the public procurement and disposal of public assets authority act.

According to Mr Norman Pande the lawyer of Ms Namuganza said their client had previously filed a judicial review case before the high court challenging the actions of the parliamentary Ad hoc committee on the Nakawa Naguru land, there was a likelihood hearing of the matter outside court which may influence their discussions.

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