Sylvia Kuliva’s journey from being a goodlyfe and gagamel backup artist to a big enterprenuer.

The world of enterprenuers will never end since each and everyday there is an emergency of over millions and millions of enterprenuers, most of them with a simple background, with an inspiration story to story.

Sylvia Kuliva is another enterprenuer with a story to tell which will inspire you also to either change your mindset or dream more.

Who is Sylvia Kuliva

Born 1991, 29years old business lady was brought on earth by Mr. Saava Lubowa and the late Ms. Florence, she went to Luwero boys primary school where she completed her primary level, she later joined Luwero Secondary School, and she sat for her O-level exams at Kawempe Secondary School and completed her A- Level at Pimbus Secondary School.

Her music journey

Like many talented people, Sylvia Kuliva started her music journey while at school in school choirs and she used to be the choir leader because of outstanding talent. Kuliva participated in different competitions and MDD activites and her talent made it possible for her to come to the city and participated in the competitions which were organised at Kampala National theatre and she was awarded with gifts.

Sylvia Kuliva shooting her sweetheart song

When Sylvia Kuliva came to the city, she joined the Big Boys group and this is where she recorded her first song.

She was later signed under DCR management where she sung as a solo artist. Later, Sylvia Kuliva joined the Gagamel Music crew owned by Moses Ssaali alias Bebe Cool and this is where she acted as a backup artist for then Uganda’s vocalist Sylvia Namugenyi.

She credits Bigsize Bebe Cool for mentoring her and also teaching her on how to manage stage.

Kuliva was then signed under googlyfe of Moses Radio and Weasel where she acted as a backup artist for the then Uganda’s best music dual. She worked with Goodlyfe for a long a time and not until the last show of 10 years of Radio and Weasel.

Sylvia Kuliva

When Moses Radio died on 1st February 2018, she decided to take the solo career after starting her own company Kaliki Investments LTD where she is signed as a company artist and as well as the company President.

Business journey

Sylvia Kuliva invested the money which she had collected from music into real estates where she was able to multiply it and in January of 2021, she started her company Kaliki Investments LTD which is located in Busega opposite Artan petrol station. In this company she buys and sell used cars, offers Rental management, Housing construction, Events management and promotion, real estates & Land management.

Kaliki Investments LTD
Kaliki Investments LTD head offices in Busega

Kuliva believes that she wants her company to be the leading company in Africa. She is a counselor and she always want to use her music to inspire , Teach and send message to the concerned.

Download or Listen to Sylvia Kuliva’s music here.

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