Tamale Mirundi praises Bobi Wine because of this.

Tamale Mirundi a well renown political analyst has come out and praised Bobi Wine over the way he calculates his moves and making the regime to go in panic.

While in a political show on Pearl fm, Tamale Mirundi said that Bobi Wine has destroyed all the government institutions and he says that the government has nothing to do with, referring it to “reverse psychology.

“Bobi Wine has been taking advantages of government mistakes, the president miscalculated him by recruiting the likes of Balaam, Catherine Kusasira, Bajjo etc yet they all had no impact o Bobi Wine” – Mirundi said.

Mirundi said that at first Bobi Wine fooled them because he didn’t had the structures as before he had no political party

Tamale Mirundi

“All efforts made by the government to send spies to Bobi Wine failed because Bobi Wine has international advisors like Lawyer Amsterdam who are very calculative” Mirundi added.

He also said that Bobi Wine went to the court just to expose the judiciary system of Uganda and that because he is very intelligent he made the chief Justice to show emotional feelings when he started to attack Bobi Wine publicly.

“I advise the state to not allow Mayambala to go on with the petition, first of all he has his personal interest because he just need the money and if he goes on with the petition and the supreme court rubber stamps in Museveni’s victory it will be another achievement to Bobi Wine” – Mirundi said.

On the issue concerning the public courts, Tamale Mirundi said that it means violence and if the government tries to use their weapons against Ugandans then it will be the starting point for America to bring in fire arms and fight Museveni back.

When he was asked about the issue of the newly acquired bulletproofed car, Tamale Mirundi said that no Ugandan can fundraise the money which bought that car saying that it is very expensive.


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