Tension as Bobi Wine sends this message to Ugandans

Celebrated Ugandan politician, Bobi Wine joined the rest of the world,in communerating the Press Freedom Day.The celebrations usually happen annually on 3rd, March.

The politician, was among world leaders who sent out messages.This is in a bid to articulate for press freedom.Considering his past experience.When he was vying for the presidential position in Uganda.He urged fellow citizens,including journalists not to tire.But to continue fighting to the end .The brutality against freedom of the media.

Many are difficult moments when journalists have been harassed.Even sometimes , their working tools have been destroyed.Hence as people of goodwill.We should join hands together.This is in a bid to ensure the freedom of the press.

Press Freedom Day,is normally celebrated to mark the fundamental principles of the press.It is a day when different stakeholders evaluate press freedom around the world.It also addresses suffering of journalists in their line of duty.

Bobi Wine

Therefore,journalists also should play their role appropriately.This is by ensuring that information shared remains for the public good.

What’s your opinion regarding the celebration of the press freedom?Please leave a comment.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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