Tension As Angry Ugandans attacks Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Ugandan Opposition leader Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi has taken on his Twitter handle to lament how his supporters are being frustrated by court Martial despite being civilians. A section of his supporters were released but the core ones were denied bail. This is happening 5 months post general election.

Well, asection of angry Ugandans have taken issues with president Museveni for allegedly trying to stop Bobi Wine influence through attacking his followers. Some have even gone ahead to ask him to release the rest of detained Ugandans.

“The military court has today yet again remanded 18 of our 35 comrades at Kitalya. They have been on remand for close to 5 months without trial. Glad to receive the 15 who have received partial freedom with stringent conditions. We shan’t rest until we’re all free in our country” posted Wine.

Here are some reactions.

“One day Uganda with be free from the junta and oh dear Lord how lovely will Ugandans feel. Welcome back our Comrades, many thanks for the price you have and still paying we do appreciate. Lets fight for others to have a silght gleam of freedom too” posted Ken.

“If this is sadly still the price tag to freedom, so it be. With the hammer in the dictators hands, everyone and everything looks like a nail, nevertheless dictators end up failures world over. It’s just a matter of time!” Posted David.

“We thank God for their release but still demand freedom for those that are returned to kitalya and those that are in un known places and the same way strongly condemn all security personnels who arrest the innocent people in unlawful manner to stop it” posted Debra.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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