Tension as Bobi Wine call Ugandans to make this move

Abduction is becoming the order of the day in the republic of Uganda with several citizens aligned to the opposition are reported to be abducted and brutalized beyond recognition.

This morning Ugandan opposition leader and former NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bob Wine notified Ugandans and the world of another illegal attack on one Nyanzi.

“This morning, the home if my elder brother, Chairman Nyanzi was attacked by heavily armed men in plain clothes…” his Facebook Page reads in part.

Giving accounts how the unknown men armed with heavy machine guns managed to enter Nyanzi’s compound, Wine called on Ugandans to come out and end the intimidation by Museveni’s government.

“This intimidation of our people must stop. But it will not stop by itself. It is us who must put it to an end.”

However, in what is seen as being tired, Ugandans expressed their disappointment with the “cowardice” in them.

“Am tired of keyboard fighters here, let us stand and demand for our rights, let them arrest us in thousands and we see where they will keep us. Myanmar people are not different from us but they are just determined to have what belongs to them. Imagine typing we are removing a dictator in your blankets, we should stop this joke. Look at Myanmar,” Pretty Kool replied.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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