Tension as Bobi Wine reveals his plan On Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Bobi Wine has equally break his silence over the Museveni’s message. According to him,most of his supporters were detained and even some were Killed.Bobi wine woes the government to be accountable for the deaths of innocent Ugandans

Last night as Museveni spoke, it became clear that he is such an evil, callous and ruthless despot, who does not care at all about murdering, maiming and torturing citizens, as long as that helps him retain power against the will of Ugandans. It must be very clear to all of us now that we have one solution: to rid ourselves of this evil tyrant!


Firstly, he admitted that CMI and other security outfits have been abducting citizens, but then tried to justify it in the name of security. With impunity written all over him, he does not understand that this country has a Constitution which demands that once a Ugandan is arrested, his or her family members and lawyers must be informed of the arrest. Also, the arrested person(s) must be kept in gazetted places!

Without any shame, he claimed that the people who have been abducted are few in number. To date, hundreds of families are reaching out to us to report missing relatives. Our comrades who have been lucky to show up have told us unbelievable stories of torture and all manner of humiliation. Some have showed up with missing or paralysed limbs and wounds all over their bodies. Others have come back with shattered manhoods after being injected with unknown substances and tortured. In the coming days we shall profile some of these comrades.

It is very, very sad that he came out to speak and downplayed these atrocities against Ugandans. He belongs nowhere else, but jail. The tears of murdered Ugandans will not be in vain. Let us continue praying and working hard. In the end, we shall overcome the monstrous regime of blood.

While Museveni was on TV confirming that he’s the one who odered the rampant abductions and murders of his political opponents and branding them terrorists, his operatives were at it.

Our comrade Tusubira Elijah aka Mulongo Sam, the leader of our freedom boda team in Semuto was followed and knocked down and killed by a truck which eye witnesses say was driven by operatives and one of them was armed.

Bobi Wine

His family has told told us that security operatives had all along been looking for him and last week he had to abandon his home for a while to avoid being abducted. Tusubira was only 24years and his crime was belonging to the National Unity Platform and having a different political opinion from that of  the regime. One thing I know is that one day all these innocent lives will have to be accounted for and that day will not be far from now. Rest in peace comrade. Aluta continua…


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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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