Tension As Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta Breaks Silence

President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken to the limelight to break his cool following the current dominating calls to have him reopen the country amid the battle with Covid-19 scourge with angry Kenyans who have asserted that he did not consider their farewell before imposing lockdown.

While addressing the public and press at Statehouse, President Uhuru has sparked up mixed reactions after confessing that he did not want to lock down the country, but was asked to do so by doctors who saw it was the only way to cut the transmission links amongst Kenyans.

Kenya uhuru Kenyatta

He confirmed that the measures he took to the limelight a couple of days ago, were not his, adding that scientists and doctors approached him in a bid to find the possible ways of contacting the virus, and suggested the lockdown and curfew rules.

“The measures that we have imposed are not my measures, they were brought to us by doctors and scientists. Their recommendation was that if we were to stem this virus from continuing to grow, the only thing we can do is to lockdown the country,” President Uhuru disclosed.

Uhuru`s public address comes shortly after political figures and Kenyans had threatened to hold a nationwide demonstration in their move to reclaim back the freedom of movement, education, business and other daily activities that earn them an income.

The Head of State further asked Kenyans to stay a little bit patient as they watch the virus, adding that, should things be back to normal he will not hesitate to grant them their request.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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