Tension as Tanzania demands for President Magufuli

The government of Tanzania is now under pressure to come out clean and reveal the whereabouts of President Magufuli John Pombe.

John Pombe Magufuli

Magufuli has been missing from the public eye since 27 February amid speculation that he is seriously sick after he allegedly contracted Covid-19.

Opposition party CHEDEMA is now demanding the government reveals Magufuli’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

The party officials held a meeting this Friday and decided as a team to force the government to speak out.

“After consultation with the leaders, we have agreed to speak on behalf of the party’s top leaders to call on the Government to break the silence and from the caution to where President Magufuli is and wherever he is,” CHEDEMA party said after translating this statement:

Tanzania Magufuli

(Baada ya viongozi kushauriana tumekubaliana nizungumze kwa niaba ya viongozi wakuu wa chama kutoa mwito kwa Serikali kuvunja ukimya na kutoka hadhari kuelekea wapi alipo Rais Magufuli na kokote pale alipo yupo kwenye hali gani)

Earlier, it had been said that Magufuli is in Kenya, receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital. However, leaders in Tanzania said Magufuli is in Tanzania.

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