Tension as Ugandans protest over IMF loans

The world is rapidly changing with the oppressed slowly standing up on their feet after decades of suffering in the hands of their oppressors, maybe this is revolution. Only a few days after angry Kenyans flocked International Monetary Fund social media platforms demanding it to stop giving Kenya more funds due to high taxation on essential commodities, Uganda citizens too have joined in the protest.

According to replies to a tweet posted by IMF News, people of Uganda peg their move on allegations that public funds are being used to facilitate suffering in the country. Shortly after General Elections that saw the county erupt into chaos and violence, Ugandans are back on the streets demanding the government to produce their abducted friends and relatives whether alive or dead.


Dashikh: Thank you IMF News with due respect do recognise the dictator in Uganda. And don’t give him a pen because he has been stealing all the money that gets in his hands from western countries. And he uses it to kill us, #wewantourvictory. Kyagulanyi is our president elect. Atrocities.

Mwijukye: In Uganda we have no Covid 19 it’s business for Dictator Museveni and his family the money you give him is used to facilitate our misery Museveni is not our president we voted Bobi Wine as Uganda citizens we are protesting for the continuing funding of a one man’s business.

Tension as Ugandans protest over IMF loans 

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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