Tension As Yoweri Kaguta Museveni government summons Journalist Over BBC Documentary

Ugandan government have reportedly summoned two newspaper reporters for allegedly publishing news which have been termed as false concerning the last year November’s killings when the election campaigns started.

Nairobi News reported that two top managers of Uganda-based newspaper, Daily Monitor, have been summoned by the police to answer questions regarding the publication that they made last year concerning the alleged killings by the country’s military when opposition chief Bobi Wine was arrested.

It is reported that the two have been summoned for speeding up violence and inciting protesters by publishing what has been termed as false news.

This reports came after BBC News released an investigative documentary that shows how the killings were executed which has appeared to anger the Ugandan government. The video which is around 30 minutes long shows how several citizens who were termed as protestors were killed while others were left with injuries.

For like a minute or so, 7 people were reported to be killed as several other citizens are said to be injured. The forensic analysis further show police vehicle loaded with military men moving across the streets of Kampala as they disperse protesters.

By then the protests which resulted to around 54 people, as per the reports by the Ugandan police, were ignited by the arrest of the NUP party boss Bobi Wine.

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