Tension in the city as Bobi Wine set to address the media

As the National Unity platform leader Bobi Wine set to address the nation about his plans of ousting President Museveni, there is a gradual increase of tension in the city as the army and police have closed most of the roads which connects to NUP head offices in Kamokya.

Several military trucks have been monitoring the city to ensure maximum safety after unidentified people pinning the posters with words “Tajja Kulayira’ meaning that the incumbent Museveni will not swear in for his sixth term in office come May this year.

Bobi Wine
Ugandans with whistles, Uganda flag, National Unity platform badges as they prepare for the strike

Bobi Wine who has also on different occasions has signalled that soon or later there is going to be a Revolutionary protest against the 35 years rule of Mr. Museveni and it’s is on record that in just three weeks back he withdrew his election petition from the supreme Court clamming that the chief justice Owiny Dollo and other two judges over the 9 judges who were in charge of his petition had bias, and the said that they used to privately meet with Museveni several times.

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Bobi Wine decided to take the matter to what he called the “People’s Court’ but he never gave out clear information about how these courts operate although one time while having an interview with a radio station in America, when he was asked about it he said “Everything is in the people’s court including strikes”.

Tension as Yoweri Kaguta Museveni makes this move

Mr. Kyagulanyi participated in the recently concluded general elections and he claims that he won Museveni with a very big margin although the electrol commission never announced him as a winner.

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