The drones without number plates are abducting innocent Ugandans Bwojilaba dduka; Stella Nyanzi

When I wrote recently about on-going abductions, kidnaps, arrests without charge, detention without trial and torture during interrogation of unarmed civilians in Uganda, some people called me a liar.

Stella Nyanzi and Lukwago

When I wrote recently that my partner was abducted on 18th January 2021, driven off to an unknown destination, tortured during interrogation until he collapsed, dumped in a police cell and then released on police bond when he was too damaged to walk, some people said that my story lacked consistency.

When I wrote recently about my own abduction from a private car on a cold night in 2017, some people said I was seeking for attention and needed to see a psychiatrist.

There are Ugandans who will never believe my stories because all they see is a mad lying bitch who is desperate for attention. That is fine with me. Their opinions are their entitlement. Their opinions neither put food on my table nor put a shelter over my head.

But, will these naysayers disbelieve the artwork that abounds on the internet? Artists capture for us the issues that our minds grapple to express. Artists never lie!

The drones without number plates are abducting innocent Ugandans! The drones without number plates are kidnapping our people! The drones without number plates are now an everyday reality. Bwojilaba dduka!

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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