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The late Nsereko Mutumba’s reminiscence

Muslims across the country gathered at the home of the deceased in Kinaawa Kaziga to remember the late Nsereko Mutumba a renowned Muslim leader of the Ugandan supreme council.

Many praised him as a person who was a good researcher, author and a straight talker who always stood all to speak out issues that were beneficial for national building and social transformation programs for the communities.

According to sheik Waiswa the second deputy mufti he backed all his words with some verses of the Quran indicating that humans have different kinds of hearts.

In the congregation the supreme mufti sheikh Ramathan Mubajje urged all Muslims to preserve their heritage by writing historical records as a source of knowledge and reference for future generations.

However Waiswa requested the late Nsereko Mutumba ’s family members to liaise with the Ugandan Muslim Supreme council so that all the works the late authored like Unsung Muslim heroes are published.

Adding the minister of public service and a good friend to the late Muruli Mukasa pledged to support all the late’s unpublished works and being a member of the NRM  the late did a lot of social services which he documented while operating the foundation for Islamic Development ( FIDO)a local NGO and as a spokesperson of the UMSC so all need to be published said Muruli Mukasa.

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