Things Uganda Artists should learn from Bongo Artists

Bongo artists are among the best artists in East Africa. This is because of their unique type of music known as Bongo Fleva that most of them recieves international recognition.

Hatim and Dokey
Hatim and Dokey

The main difference between Ugandan artists and Bongo artists is the unity that they have, the creativity interms of audio production and the huge investment that they do while shooting the video of their songs. It is also well known how the bongo artists relly on scandals as a way of remaining the talk of the town, which ends up boosting their music.

However there is something that Ugandan artists should learn from bongo artists

The artists should use their songs to promote peace and unity in the country. The artists should use their songs to educate and inspire young generation who take them as role models.Diamond Platnumz song is so boring, Harmonize claims

Most of Bongo artists usually don’t use dirty lyrics in their songs which makes it easier for one to sing their songs infront of anyone. Unlike in Uganda where you find out that some artists use totally dirty lyrics that one will not be comfortable to sing infront of others. We have some hit Songs which are loved by people but the vibe never crossed the boarders because of the lyrics and the dirty videos that they shoot in the name of selling.

Fik Fameica and Lydia Jazmine
Fik Fameica and Lydia Jazmine

Many Artists think that for a song to become a hit, it has to contain dirty video or dirty lyrics which is not true. Any good song can become a hit and you can see this from how Bobi Wine, Philly Bongoley, Elly wamala, madox Ssematimba songs are performing in the society

Bobi Wine
Situka tutambule, Bobi Wine

If you agree with this kindly drop your comment/opinion below.

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