Top 10 hottest Ugandan musicians of 2020

We are delighted to showcase some of the hottest Ugandan musicians who have kept it at a 100 in spite of the outlook of things in 2020. Through hard work, the musicians listed here have had an immense impact on the Ugandan music charts through their music, collaboration and other intangible factors.

The thrill about this particular list is that we have some newcomers taking up as much space, sitting pretty high on the rankings with senior colleagues. They have been able to wield a much bigger influence on the music culture in Uganda in 2020 than the usual big names.

Another interesting highlight of this list would be having zulitums, Chosen Becky squaring up against big names and also earning a higher position in the ranking of hottest Ugandan musicians of 2020.

Let’s dive into the list.



Team Good Music Entertainment artist Pallaso has maintained his hot form consistently for three years now. He has dropped worthy songs three years in a row bagging nominations in the process. While music and entertainment were generally impacted by the pandemic Pallaso maintained his work ethic at a high level. He dropped hits, bagged a nomination for ‘malamu and made some outstanding collaborations with Skylar, Bruno k and Don Mc during the year. ‘Malamu is the highest-charting Uganda song on all Uganda music Chart.


Fik Fameica

Born and raised in Kampala, Fik Fameica, rose from a relatively unknown background to become one of the most sought after Ugandan musicians. FIK Fameica braved the pandemic and lockdown that followed to become one of Uganda’s most-streamed artists this year. His Music was not only well-received but rated as one of the best songs released by a Ugandan music star in the past 12 months. His fame was not limited to the borders of Uganda, This and many more make Fik Fameica one of the hottest Ugandan musicians this calendar year.


Spice Diana

This would not be the first time Spice would be featured in the list of the hottest Ugandan musicians and also becoming a worthy contender for artist of the year. The  singer has been nothing but fantastic this year. She has dropped back to back hits with no miss, ‘Kwata wano‘, ‘Kokonyo‘, and the most recent ‘Your Body‘. Her effort as an artist on every song she was featured was exceptionally good. In about four years she is now a formidable contender for the artist of the year alongside big names. we can easily say Spice Diana has moved into the league of A-list artists.


Sheebah Kalunji

For the past few years, Sheebah has maintained the tradition of putting out an album every year.  Past forward to 2020, the singer put out projects, the ‘Nakyuka’ “Ninda” and ‘Empeta‘ Oli eyo. Sheebah numbers have gone up on music streaming platforms because his latest songs has a great replay value.



ZULITUMS is shaping up to be one of the best proteges under Blac avay records. He is still holding us spellbound with his musical talent leading us into new depths of his multilayered artistry. Zulitums dropped a hit album Invictus album during the Lockdown which means he had hit songs on the album spilling l 2020. While we were still feasting, he dropped  One Minute. This year end of the year took his dominance beyond Uganda as his album topped the Apple music Africa albums,l. He is easily 5 most-streamed Ugandan artists in the past 5months across several platforms.


John Blaq

People might think John Blaq had a quiet year but that’s not really the case. John Blaq has maintained his star power right from 2019 into 2020. One index to know how much in-demand an artist is, is how often people look them up on the search engines. This year the ‘Don’t be like’ hitmaker made the list of the most searches in Uganda . He is the second most searched person on Google Uganda, his songs ‘Don’t be like’ and ‘Ngamba’ were some of the top 10 most searched songs in Uganda.  So far was he received a nomination, ‘Uganda Best Act’ and Break through artist at the forthcoming MTV MAMA 2021 AWARDS 2021. Some of his achievements may fly under the radar without notice.


Eddy Kenzo

This sort of list would not be complete without the Young Mandela featuring. It has been a great year for Eddy Kenzo especially for the successful release of his song ‘ Mugole‘. Without wasting time, the body of work topped charts across Uganda and beyond. The collaborations were quite strategic especially targeted at breaking further into the outside Uganda and US markets and let’s say that worked out reasonably well. Only recently, Eddy Kenzo was awarded as Entertainer of the Year Award  ‘Blessed’ as his favourite song of 2020.  He was named  the ‘Tourism Ambassador by Uganda Government.


Chosen Becky

The mother of two is also another female artist on our list, and that is very easy to explain. BECKY has the biggest song ‘Tokyuka‘, by a female Uganda music star this year. Rightfully, Chosen Becky could easily excuse herself and take a hiatus as an expectant mother and subsequently a nursing mum but she kept it going regardless. She gave us one of the biggest Songs this year while unveiling her pregnancy to fans. She was delivered of a beautiful baby girl and several months later dropped an EP effortlessly. Oh, let’s not forget how she assisted Voltage music to get their biggest song of his year yet ‘Telemundo’. For maternal reasons, Chosen Becky would be rocking stages and killing shows back to back. We can’t exactly wait to see her back on stage again.

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Eezzy hit song ‘Tumbiiza Sound ’ did age well a lot better than all those promises in the government MDGs. The year turned out massive for the Eezzy who checked a lot of milestones in his career. At the moment, fine Eezzy has one of the hottest street anthems ‘Mitima jakaluba ‘, some crazy lyrics etc. We may have wrongly assumed Eezzy would take a chill pill after dropping his ‘Banga raa ’ Mummyy in the first quarter of this year but then he goes ‘hotter hotter’. During this season of festivity, Eezzy is killing shows back to back in Kampala and beyond.

Jose Chameleone


The promise to remain dominant in the Uganda music industry by Jose Chameleone continued in 2020. The singer had a lot going on with him this year that he in fact decided to take a break from Music for several months. He came back stronger with a hit “BALIWA”, adjudged the number 1 song during February. He later dished out a another hit ‘Boling Ya Nzambe. Currently he has a stellar lineup of collaboration has some bangers like ‘Kigwa leero with Slick Stuart’

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