Top 10 most developed countries in Africa 2021, Rwanda named sixth

Africa is a continent that faces unique challenges and remains one of the youngest in demographics. Despite all odds, some countries in African keep developing tremendously.

Despite several challenges, many countries on the continent have a very advanced level of development if we refer to their human development index and their gross domestic product or income per capita.

Discover through this article the top 10 countries that are most developed in Africa.

1. Seychelles


Drawing its primary resources from tourism, the country also has other highly developed sectors such as industrial tuna fishing, offshore, and the free zone. The GDP is equalto 1.4 billion dollars.

2. Mauritius


The country, which is one of the most promising on the continent, has significantly improved and stabilized its economy. The country’s human development index is also the highest in Africa. The GDP is equal to 12.34 billion dollars.

3. Algeria


With a GDP equal to 170 billion dollars, the country has a viable economy reflected in the way of life of its inhabitants and the infrastructures there. Hydrocarbons, in particular the export of crude oil, represent the country’s primary source of income.

4. Tunisia


Having gradually evolved into a stable and developing economy, it is on a soundtrack in human and socio-economic development. The Tunisian economy depends mainly on tourism, agriculture, and the export of electrical and mechanical products. The GDP is equivalent to $ 75 billion.

5. Botswana


The country has become a model of successful development on the African continent. With a GDP of $ 67.6 billion, it has maintained an average growth of 5% per year over the past decade. Its economy base on mining, construction, and the service sector.

6. Rwanda


The country is notable for the level of effort it has invested in successful infrastructure development and human resources and capital. Rwanda’s economy mainly marks its heavy dependence on agriculture, annual growth of over 6%, and development of services. The GDP is equal to 9.14 billion dollars.

7. Gabon


Having made remarkable progress over the past decade with higher average incomes that have considerably evolved, Gabon has become the fifth-largest oil producer in Africa. It claims to have one of the highest urbanization rates on the continent. With a GDP of 14.62 billion dollars, the country depends mainly on oil export to obtain its monetary reserves.

8. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is an essential player in Africa economically. The country is said to have a highly developed economy and advanced infrastructure with a GDP equal to $ 349.4 billion. It is one of the largest gold and platinum exporters globally, which has enabled it to develop critical sectors in remarkable ways.

9. EgyptEgypt


With its GDP has increased by 5.3% in six years to 235.4 billion dollars, Egypt has improved its economic activities over the past decade. The export of goods and services, the improvement of foreign currency deposits, and a more vibrant tourism sector have significantly contributed to the country’s development.

10. MoroccoMorocco


The country has withness growth in various industries over the past decade. Its economy is therefore stable and versatile. It has a GDP of 109.1 billion dollars.

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