Top 10 richest kids in Dubai

The top 10 richest kids in Dubai live lives akin to that of gods. Imagine yourself as a billionaire, what will you do with all that wealth? The rich kids in Dubai are doing twice as much in reality as you think you would do with your imagined billions. These kids live their wildest dreams courtesy of their deep pockets and a world that bends when money is dashed out. Who are these kids? Where did they get all that money from?

Arguably, every human would wish to own a comfortable home, a nice car and have enough cash to cater for his or her needs. To many, these life is just a dream. However, to the richest kids in Dubai, these wishes are a Goliath small enough for a David of their stature. These kids enjoy the luxuries preserved for the top one percent of worlds wealthiest individuals. For instance, they have big cats, lions and the likes, as pets; they invite the world most famous entertainers to their back yards, and they own the most expensive collection of shoes in the world. Whoa!

Many finance journals and documentaries would tell you that the current generation has the highest number of self-made millionaires and billionaires. In Dubai, young millionaires are competing to be the biggest spenders in the world. They use their wealth to buy fast, exotic cars whose horse power would make a Kenyan Subaru owner shrink. They turn simple luxuries to dreams, quite literally. And if our own Ham lifestyle blows you way, then these Dubai kids will shut you down with their lifestyle.

The list of top 10 richest kids in Dubai will have you wishing to become one. Here are the big names in Dubai.

1. Rashed Saif Belhasa

Rashed Saif Belhasa
Rashed Saif Belhasa

Rashed Saif Belhasa is the rich kid in Dubai. This young one is believed to be Dubai’s richest kid. Born of wealthy parents, Rashed has grown in opulence. He has made a name for himself through YouTube and his social media platforms.

The 17 year old posts pictures and videos of his rich lifestyle on social media. According to Social Blade, Rashed earns an average monthly income of between $524 to $8.4k, while his annual estimated income ranges between $6.3k to $100.6k.

However, his YouTube earnings are not what makes him the richest kid in Dubai. Rashed’s parents are the real money bags. According to highlightsindia, Rashed’s father, Saif Ahmed Belhasa, has an estimated networth of over $2 billion. To understand how much this money is, you should hear a super rich individual complain how hard it is to spend $1 million a day.

Rashed, an Emirati national who was born and bred in Dubai, is known for inviting celebrities into his home. Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton, and Steve Harvey to mention but a few, have visited the 17 year old in his home. He has also hosted a number of comedians in his home. The young Belhasa has a collection of top shoe brands in the world and drives the most exotic cars. In spite of this, he has an overall humble demeanour that makes him adorable. It is no wonder he appears in the list of top 10 richest kids in Dubai.

2. Else Adelia

Else Adelia
Else Adelia

Else is a Dubai designer who is slowly redefining the fashion industry. She has a fine taste in clothes just as much as she has an incredible taste in finer things in life. She flaunts her curves every chance she gets while enjoying the luxuries that come with being among the wealthy kids in Dubai.


3. Kara Murray a.k.a Theduchessdubai

Kara Murray a.k.a Theduchessdubai
Kara Murray a.k.a Theduchessdubai

Kara is a popular fashion blogger who keeps people in the United Arab Emirates up to date with the latest fashion designs in the market. She has a popular I.G page that goes by the name #theduchessdubai. On her Instagram page, Kara posts some of her best shots. She treats her audience to a spectacle of luxury with her expensive possessions and travels. Indeed, she is one of the richest kids in Dubai.

4. Maj


Maj, real name Mohammed is the son to HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, an heir to the throne. It is safe to say that he is the third generation of the throne. Maj’s grandfather, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has an estimated net worth of over 10 billion dollars. Yes, you heard me right. This makes Maj one of the wealthiest kids in Dubai, at least eventually if not immediately. And it is for this reason that Maj appears in the list of top 10 richest kids in Dubai.

5. HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed
HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed

Of all the rich Dubai families, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed belongs to the most powerful. He is the crown prince of Dubai and his father is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. Hamdan is popularly known as Fazza, which means, ‘the one who helps.’ He is well educated, daring and a refined young man prepared for greatness. By virtue of his position in life, it is safe to assume or argue that among Dubai rich kids car collection, his is the best. There is no way the prince of Dubai would have missed a spot in the list of the top 10 richest kids in Dubai.

6. Dnkdmr7

Dnkdmr7 belongs to an exclusive Instagram page of the rich kids in Dubai. By this fact only, we believe he belongs to the super rich kids in Dubai. Little is known about him including his real name, but judging from the pictures he has on his Instagram page, it is safe to assume that the lad is leaving a life preserved for the super rich.


7. Alii Muhammad

Alii is a vloger and a fashion enthusiast. Judging from his taste in fashion, one would regain confidence in chivalry as a social standard worth paying attention to. The lad is neat, rich and classy. Alii will also teach you a thing or two about dressing– this goes to all men out there.

8. Carla Dibello

Carla is the embodiment of a modern woman. She is an epitome of a working woman with a vision for a better working environment for other women in spite of male dominance. She is a contributor to the Harper’s Bazaar, an Arabian magazine, where she publishes ope’ds, lifestyle pieces and content aimed at empowering women. Other than that, she enjoys the exclusive lifestyle of the wealthy.

Carla is not a native Arabian. She is popularly known as the best friend of Kim Kadashian. She has, however, exerted influence in UAE through her popularity and contribution to the Harper’s Bazaar.

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9. Camilla Jacobson

Camilla Jacobson is a sophisticated model, a TV presenter, a blogger, and a brand ambassador who has curved a niche for herself in the glamorous fashion industry. She boasts of being a cover model in a number of high ranking magazines like playboy and FHM. She was picked by the popular rich kids of Dubai Instagram page as one of the wealthy kids in the rich desert town.


10. Renee Farah

Renee Farah is a TV presenter whose loyalty lies in fashion and beauty. She loves travelling and adventure, more less exploring. She has a

channel where she shares her exciting escapes with all her fans. She was also picked by rich kids of Dubai Instagram page for her lavish lifestyle.

The top 10 richest kids in Dubai live a life preserved for the super rich. They enjoy all that money can buy. They extend a hand to help out where they can. But the world knows them well for one thing, and one thing alone; spending big cash on expensive or luxurious brands.

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