Top 5 East Africa influential celebrity kids

The art of embracing children as celebrities is more of the West than Africa, but in the 21 century this trend is picking up all over the world.

Ladasha Belle Wambui

Ladasha is the firstborn daughter to Dj Mo and size 8. Interestingly she started being a brand ambassador when she was a few months old when she appeared in an advertisement for a diapers company called Soft Care. She recently made headlines when she was voted as East Africa’s most stylish celebrity kids

Fantasy Majey

She is the daughter to Hamisa Mobetto and Majizzo. She is a Tanzanian brand influencer with over 169,000 Instagram followers.

Heaven Bahati

She is the daughter to Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua. She is also a brand influencer of mostly kids stuff like toys. She has over 400.000 Instagram followers.

Taji WaJesus

Taji is barely a year old but he has already been branded an influencer. With over 160,000 Instagram followers, Taji has appeared on advertisements and influenced for a couple of baby shop cloth line stores.

Princess Tiffah Dangote

Princess Tiffah

She is the daughter to Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan. Tiffah has a big following of over 2.6 million Instagram fans yet she is only 5 years old. She is a brand influencer, ambassador and fashionista.

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