Top 5 songs which Bobi Wine likes most that will shock you.

Like any other human being, Bobi Wine also has that special moment when he is not so deep into politics, guess what he does? It’s listening to music. While talking to a certain radio station the self-proclaimed Ghetto Gladiator who just recently turned political and he participated in the 2021 general election as a presidential candidate, revealed his top 5 songs which whenever he feels bored, he listens to.

  1. Soweto blues by Miriam Makeba

This was a protest song written by Hugh Masekela and it was sung by Miriam Makeba and it was about the Soweto uprising that occurred in 1976 following the decision by the Apartheid government in South Africa to make Afrikaans a medium of instruction at school. This uprising lead to the death of over 170 people. The song was released in 1977 by Miriam Makeba on the album of Welela.

“This is the song which I used to love and I still love it, its one of the songs which inspired me to come to music to be able to voice out the concerns” – Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine
Miriam Makeba while performing

Situka by Bobi Wine

Situka Tutambule is another song which Bobi Wine likes to listen to, yes it’s his own song produced in 2016 after the general elections in which president Museveni won Col. Kizza Besigye who was then a strong political opponent of Museveni. When they claimed that Museveni had rigged that election there was nothing to be done and most of the people got stuck and this was when a bad man from Kamokya Bobi Wine came up with a beautiful melody of “Situka Tutambule”

And it goes “Omutima gumenyese naye nga kyemanyi munywanyi nawe gukumenyese, abantu buli joyitira bayongobede byebasubira nga byawukana kubyebalaba ate, abalala bo nebabyetamwa banyigirizibwa nebabulwako jebalopa babuwe, nga nejewandibadde olopera nayo Kibera kizibu okufunayo obwenkanya, nkugamba tosigala wansi ensi bwekusula yimukawo mangu tutambule, Munsi teri kyangu lugendo luwanvu situka tugende mumaaso, situka Tutambule

“Its kind of the song which I make and I asked how I made it, its one of the songs which I don’t write but I go to studio and flow spontaneously, I hope it inspires people out there as it inspires me”

Bobi Wine
Situka tutambule, Bobi Wine


Mayumba kumi by Moses Radio and Daxx vibes

This is a song which was made by the late Moses Radio and Bobi’ s brother Daxx Vibes, its one of the songs which before Moses Radio had died left in the studio.

“Apart from Madoxx Sematimba, I think Radio was among my favorite artists he had an amazing voice and very talented. I believed that this song will be the best among radio’s best songs unfortunately left us quite earlier that song was Mayumba Kumi by Daxx Vibes and Moses Radio, i just love that song I don’t know its just personal but i love it”

mayumba kumi by Moses Radio and Daxx Vibes

4. Bus Dunia By Herman Basudde

This is one of the most trending Kadongo Kamu song and it has been there for decades it was sung by the late Herman Basudde, While in an interview, Bobi said that this song talks exactly what is happening the current day even though it was produced over 30 years back.

Bobi Wine
The late Herman Basudde while performing

5. Dembe by Madoxx Ssematimba

“Madoxx is another talented person whom I believe that this country should be proud of, when i listen to his song Dembe, it always shapes me, i love it”

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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