Uganda Music Structures Are Wrong- Frank Fremer

The Uganda music structures are wrong and have to be fixed by industry players.

The structures are wrong and we are not going to wait for somebody to vote us into power before we educate people.
When it comes about Grammy Awards, Uganda music talents should focus more on creating great music pieces and improve their craft to open them up to greater opportunities.

Jose Chameleon

Why are people talking about the Grammys like it’s an easy thing to get, there are thousands of songs and the whole continent is crumbling for just one category. It is not something they should look up to. I think they should concentrate on making great music and when they are wired around the world and on a big label, they will find themselves at the Grammys “

Crystal Panda
Crystal Panda is now signed under Swangz Avenue

Music stakeholders the likes of Jose Chameleon, Bebe cool, Eddy Kenzo, Pallaso, Juliana, Meseah Ssemakula, Madox Sematimba, kabuye Semboga should educate up-and-coming music talents on the business side of music and other factors to get our music.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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