Uganda Musician Jose Chameleon lives like a king

Joseph Mayanja is a Ugandan Afrobeat and reggae musician who was born on 30 April 1979.He would currently be the Mayor of Kampala City following the 2021 Ugandan general elections but things didn’t go well. He has been a top musician for a long time now and this has gained him alot of popularity among the Ugandans and East Africa.

He is a talented person who sings in Luganda,English and Swahili.Many awards have followed his path due to the creativity and soul touching content he releases to his fans.Some of his popular songs include Badilisha which was an East African “anthem”

Jose Chameleon

However,he is also a stable family man who is married to Daniella Mayanja and they have four children together. He is a sibling in a family of four with Pallaso, Weasel who are also prominent musician in Uganda.Through his hardwork he has maintained to live like a king and here are pictures of his Palatial home.

Jose Chameleon house

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