Uganda Musicians With Unique and Beautiful Singing Voice

When it comes to making a good music, voice is a major contributor. The Ugandan music industry is blessed with musicians that have got very beautiful, and unique voices.

Sylvia KulivaTheir voices cannot be replicated by anyone, it is so good that whenever you hear a song from the radio or any source, you don’t need to be told who sang it.

In view of the above, check out 10 Ugandan musicians who have beautiful and unique singing voice;

Late Mowzey Radio

Moses radio
Moses radio while shooting his last video with spice diana

Radio is one of the few Ugandan musicians with the finest voice in the industry.

If you want to listen to melodious love songs, play Radio music.

Anet Nandujja

Annet Nandujja

Nandujja has been around in the music industry for a long time.

Chosen Becky

Becky’s vocal delivery, varied as it may be, breathes life and emotion into his records, regardless of the genre she finds himself making.


Jamal omusomesa

He has a unique voice. And he can do a lot with it that sometimes he confuses some people. I have talked to people who sing perfectly in a technical sense and they don’t seem to understand Jamal. Some describe him as a ‘false falsetto,’ who sounds like he is straining his voice.

Aziz Azion


Aziz Azion describes his sound as “Afro-Life” and he writes songs that audiences can relate to. Aziz music tells stories about love with the formulaic structure of romance.

Iryn Namubiru


Her singing ability is never in question, lyrically she’s solid, performance wise she’s outstanding, and the star quality/commercial acceptability surrounding her is beaming to the skies.

Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya


Maurice voice brings in those sweet melodies and ushers in an atmosphere of romance.

His delivery on songs is never in doubt and you can tell his voice whenever you hear it.

Nubian Li

Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

Nubian is versatile with his voice. He can sing and just make you smile when he sings.

Truly one of Uganda’s most skilled vocalists, his voice is a tenor with a range of at least 2 octaves.

Dokta Brian

Hatim and Dokey

Dokta’s distinct voice is an amazing attention grabber.

He can maneuvre between notes easily while maintaining a sleek chemistry with the instrumentals.

He has got one of the most sought after voice for features and collaborations.

Dax Vibez

mayumba kumi by Moses Radio and Daxx Vibes

His voice is very easy to identify in a room.

Dax’s sultry voice is one of the newest revelations in Uganda music.

He sings with a child like voice and has been killing it since day one.

A beautiful and unique voice is one of the things that endears an artiste to the hearts of people, without it such a singer can hardly excel at a live performance.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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