Uganda picked out ‘ ‘ a home for ‘ World-class Cricket Academy

Africa Cricket Academy Chairman,Mangongo declared the commencement of developments.
Former Zimbabwe’s Coach,Stephen Mangongo together with Amos Mawungwa started a task of finding where they should plant the World class Academy project.

Together with his team, Mangongo arrived in Uganda for their visit.

The team visited Jinja SSS, Busoga College Mwiri,and the Naguru ghetto, some of the giant schools and teams in cricket game.

Before being hosted by the Uganda Cricket Association ( UCA) board to a dinner in the evening, Mangongo also had a motivational talk with the Cricket Cranes on Saturday morning.

” The intention for the group is to find a home for a World-class Cricket Academy on the continent and Uganda is a destination of interest.” UCA communicated according to the New Vision site.

The project to build a World-class Cricket academy in the East African region will commence as soon as the team returns to Uganda.

And according to the document, the team ended their two-day visit in the country successfully.

They, however,hope to facilitate and equip the Cricket academy project with everything when they return to the country.

With such a project, Uganda being the destination of the decision, will continue to prove the World her powers in cricket game.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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