Uganda ranked Number 3 in East Africa countries with Affordable Internet

The Advent of technology has seen many people in the east African region have access to technological devices like phones, computers and other gadgets so as to connect with the international world.

As this happens, it has become apparent that the demand for affordable internet access plans has skyrocketed with government and private sector players doing their best to ensure easy access to the internet to trigger growth of the economy.

And now, a report by a United Kingdom based company has once again ranked the United republic of Tanzania as the best country in East Africa when it comes to access to affordable internet.

The report disclosed that the east African country posted the price of internet bundles where one gigabyte goes at USD 0.75 which made it the cheapest in the region. On the other hand, Kenya came in third in the region with the most expensive Data rates where 1 gigabyte at USD 1.56.

“Kwa mwaka wa pili Tanzania imetajwa kuwa Nchi ya kwanza Afrika Mashariki yenye unafuu wa Bando za Internent kwa mujibu wa Mtandao wa Utafiti wa Cable wa Uingereza ambapo GB 1 ni USD 0.75 (Tsh. 1,742.81), Rwanda (USD 1.25), Uganda (USD 1.56), Burundi (USD 2.10), Kenya (USD 2.25),” Journalist Millard Ayo reports.


This loosely translates to:

(For the second year running, Tanzania has been named number 1 in the East African region in terms of affordability of internet bundles. According to research posted on United Kingdom’s cable, 1 GB costs USD 0.75 in Tanzania, USD 1.25 in Rwanda, USD 1.56 in Uganda, USD 2.10 in Burundi and USD 2.25 in Kenya).

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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