Uganda Security Forces kill a Muslim Sheikh

After Tuesday’s twin bombings of Kampala city, it seems the Ugandan government and security forces have declared a vicious war against terrorism suspects.

In his message after the bombings that claimed 6 lives, President Museveni stated that his nation would not tolerate terrorists and even mentioned one Sheikh Suleiman Nsubuga, whom he accused of radicalising youth.

A Sheikh by the name Muhammad Abbas Kirevu was shot dead in the wee hours today, after security forces invaded his home in Nsangi, Wakiso District.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the Sheikh was killed after confrontation with police officers who had gone to arrest him at his home. He accused the Sheikh of recruiting youth into the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which was blamed for the Tuesday bombings.

According to the Sheikh’s 12 year old daughter, police officers knocked on their door after which they went into their bedroom and took out her father. They later heard a gunshot outside, marking the end of the Sheikh.

Security forces spent the entire day searching through the house of the late Sheikh Kirevu with a very tight security maintained around the area.

Reports indicate that a manhunt has been launched for Sheikh Nsubuga, whom President Museveni placed on notice.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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