Uganda Youth vows to ensure Bobi Wine takes over the country

Bobi wine is banking on the youth to end president 35 year rule in Uganda. He has weathered storms and vowed to ensure president Museveni goes home starting tomorrow the election day however intimidation or force the government uses against him.

Despite president Museveni fight to have Opposition politicians political ambitions cut to size. Bobi wine and supporters have weathered the storms and vowed to do whatever humanely possible to ensure Museveni hold on power is cut short tomorrow.

According to some political observers Bobi Wine statehouse bid in Uganda is unstoppable owing he enjoys majority support of the youth and women. This are the large majority in Uganda and are determined to ensure president Museveni completely leaves office owing most Ugandans are tired with his leadership and continued stay into power is an added insult to an injury.

Bobi Wine as well carries the huge majority of the hustlers in Uganda who are tired with the leadership of the day. Museveni has failed to creat employment to the youth for many years something that has seen him face heavy resistance by the young generation one. This youths feel Bobi wine is their savior a reason his statehouse bid is unstoppable tomorrow.
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Despite the intimidation as well killing of Bobi Wine supporters, the ghetto president has stood firm and strong vowing to die fighting to ensure Ugandans are saved from the bondage of poverty as well from what he terms as slavery that Ugandans have been into under the leadership of president Museveni.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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