Ugandans blasts Balaam Barugahara over this

Ugandans on Twitter have yet not given up on issues concerning this nation Uganda. This was after renown Promoter,  events planner and Nrm pro Balaam came out to thank President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after his project wasapproved in five days.

BALAAM: @KagutaMuseveni @Gensaleh ,@mkainerugaba for placing right people in Ministry of Finance. The hon Minister,PS,Director Economic affairs,Act Head Tax Policy are very effecient and helpful people to investors.I put in an application 5 days ago its been handled.


Frank fremer : The system only works for you guys, so appreciate

JCL : approving ur project in 5 days is not the yardstick for uganda getting to middle income by 2026 nawe

Tower: I really pitty those that find you relevant Balaam🤣🤣

JO: Oba how do you make me ashamed to be from your tribe! 😅

Hilda: Naye @Balam I pitty,,you need to report to butabika hospital asap


Unfortunately peope like you misuse direct calls to HE @KagutaMuseveni .

Instead of building systems to enable everyone benefit, you use it as an opportunity to brag.

Amos: When a country rots, systems die and who ever receives a service attribute it to @KagutaMuseveni. Do you think that Uganda was this before?

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Mugenyi Frank
Mugenyi Frank
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